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Waterless Urinal Solutions

EHS provides YOUR TOTAL SOLUTION to Waterless Urinals

The growing demand for “green” solutions in terms of washroom hygiene has swiftly swept through Australia in recent times. This has led to the rapid uptake of the Waterless/Watersaving Urinal systems.

EHS has found that even though the general concept is simple – the ongoing maintenance and expertise is the most CRUCIAL part of a healthy and hygienic waterless urinal.

Once the installation of this washroom product is completed (EHS can also help with the installation of such a system) – many are faced with severe malodour and blockage issues!

Our specialist experience will help to ensure your investment is maintained and providing you with the cost savings that you initially were impressed with in the first instance.

We stock a wide range of quality Biological Products, which are the ONLY types of products/chemicals required for the cleaning and maintenance of your waterless/watersaving urinals.

Together with our tailored Service Plan, which is co-ordinated by our specialist technicians, we will work together with your cleaners to educate them on the correct cleaning processes of such a urinal system.

We will provide the following services:

 Regular scheduled maintenance services which includes the replacement of biological blocks and urinal de-scales
 On-site troubleshooting to overcome problems associated with any malodours
 On-site training for cleaning staff and personnel
 Information Sheets outlining the daily cleaning requirements
 Information signs which are placed above the urinals to educate users on the “GREEN” Waterless Urinal System

Please contact our office TODAY for some peace of mind in knowing that your urinal system will function the way it was meant to… too easy!