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Products & Services

Sanitary Disposal Units

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When Sanitary HYGIENE is ESSENTIAL, you can count on us!

As always, we’ve designed a choice of solutions to suit your specific needs. Our wide range of sanitary disposal units are available in Budget, Premium & Touch Free models.

You also have control on how we service these units – as we offer both standard and on-site servicing options. The on-site option is becoming very popular due to it’s discreet (in cubicle) servicing, as no sanitary units are carried throughout your premises

All our bins are designed to deliver the finest possible hygiene solution. They contain the latest in vapourising powder technology, that is designed to kill all bacteria and neutralise odours in an eco-friendly manner. These features are available in all models: Budget, Premium and Touch-Free.

The Premium unit (pictured above) can be wall-mounted. This is a great way to solve problems of limited cubicle space or when you are tired of rubbish accumulating around the units, cleaning made easy.

As the name suggests, our Touch Free range offers the user convenience as well as a slightly more hygienic option since no contact is required to work the unit. The user simply waves their hand over the sensor for the lid to open.

Our wide range of models and sizes include the following dimensions:

 Slimline– capacity of 22 litres, 660mm high, 180 mm wide, 320mm deep
 Budget– 28 litres capacity, 690mm high, 220mm wide, 330mm deep
 Premium– 540mm high, 180mm wide, 350mm deep
 Touch Free  – 540mm high, 180mm wide, 350mm deep

Air Care Solutions

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First Impressions Count: Each & Every Time.

That’s why every washroom – especially those that clients or the general public use – should have an Air Care Solution that’s aligned with your operating or opening hours.

At Essential Hygiene Services, our Automatic Air Fresheners are digitally programmed to release a metered amount of fragrance at regular intervals. The easy-to-program units can either run around the clock, or turn off and on at timed schedules.

Our fragrance cans are cost-effective and long lasting, delivering more neutraliser and fragrance whilst using less propellant. The 6% of fragrance per can is higher than industry standards (between 1 and 3% fragrance per can).

Our Air Care Solutions also have the ability to program Intensity Plus Events (IPE), which allows additional fragrance intensity to be released during three different time periods, i.e: lunchtimes, function times, dinner etc.

Available in a variety of models/fragrances, the standard dimension is 249mm high, 100mm wide and 75mm deep.

Automatic Insecticide Spray

An insect problem in any public area portrays poor hygiene and creates a negative image for your organisation. Our digitally programmed Automatic Insecticide Systems can be programmed over a 24 hour period, or can be turned on and off at schedule times to suit your individual needs.

The strong concentrated insecticide is highly effective on general insects and flies, yet safe around pets and people.

Fully serviced and maintained by our experts, the unit dimensions are 240mm high, 100mm wide and 75mm deep.

Non Aerosol Air Freshener

Since aerosol air fresheners are prohibited in areas where children and patients are located, EHS has the solution for you.

We are proud to introduce an AEROSOL FREE air freshener unit with built in sensor.

Easy to use and install, just replace the dispenser cover as the cover is the actual air freshener !

Best used in offices, lunchrooms, bathrooms, nappy change rooms, hallways or anyhwere there are odour issues.

The unit can be selected to work constantly or on a sensor mode, batteries are included with the device.

Various fragrances are available.

Bringing the future of “Green” Air Purification into the present.

EHS is excited to announce the introduction of our new range of air purification products – BIOZONE Air Care

BIOZONE reduces and removes Bacteria, Viruses, Odours, Mould, Fumes, Fungi and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) in the air through a PATENTED process of producing and utilising Negative Ions, Deep UV light, Ozone and Photo Plasma.  This process continually attacks all of the above and reaches all surfaces and air space where stationed, resulting in a bacteria controlled washroom which is virtually odour FREE.

The need for masking odours is over – no Air Freshener units will be required!

Successful trials have been carried out in the washrooms of all sizes including:- Hospitals, Vet Surgeries, Small & Large Office Spaces, Gymnasiums, Waiting Rooms, Airports, Smoking Areas, Individual Toilet Areas and even our own fleet of HYGIENE VANS.

BIOZONE (over a 2 week period) is effective in :

Killing Viruses 99.99998%
 Killing Bacteria 68% reduction in yeast and mould
 Killing Odours 100% improvement in air quality and odour elimination

All odours have been replaced with a fresh smelling and HYGIENIC environment – absolutely chemical FREE.

Hand Care Solutions

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The single most important factor in reducing the spread of Bacteria.

At Essential Hygiene Services, we offer a wide range of soap dispenser units covering various styles, shapes and sizes. All our quality units deliver a metered dose of PH balanced hand soap – choose from standard liquid, anti-bacterial, foam or spray soap.

All soaps are formulated to ensure hands are left feeling clean, soft and moisturised – We also ensure our soap does not clog or drip onto washroom areas.

Fully serviced by our experienced team, you can choose from a number of different dispensers e.g. Budget, Premium & Touch Free. All can be serviced weekly, fortnightly or monthly – simply let us know, and we’ll work to your schedule and your particular volume needs. All models are available in different sizes from 800ml to a large industrial 2L capacity.

Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Your customers and guests will know you you’re serious about hygiene – when you host a Hand Sanitiser Dispenser on your premises.

All Sanitisers kill up to 99.9% of all bacteria and germs instantly. Our food-grade safe solution meets Australian Guidelines, evaporating quickly, leaving hands feeling soft, sanitised and protected.

Hand Sanitisers are available in Budget, Premium and Touch Free models. A Portable Stand is an optional extra – which is suitable for reception areas, gaming rooms and general high traffic areas where hand hygiene is a must.

Hand Drying Solutions

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Offer the ultimate in hand drying solutions in your washroom.

Your clients will judge how seriously you take customer service by your Hand Drying Solutions on offer in your washroom areas. Essential Hygiene Services offers a wide range of models & colours to suit all decors and situations.

JetDryer Hand Dryers – Original & Mini

Essential Hygiene Services are the NSW Distributor of JetDryer Hand Dryers. These clever units will offer you a touch free solution coupled with a clever tray to collect excess water, ensuring the floors remain safe and dry.  Your hands will be completely dried in 10-15 seconds whilst the HEPA filtration will kill any bacteria within the unit ensuring that your hands remain bacteria free.

Our complete range of Hand Dryers will save YOU money in the long run – these low wattage dryers will cut your electricity bills, and compared with paper towels, you’ll discover a 90%+ reduction in costs. They’re easy to maintain and easy to clean, with a 3 year warranty of parts and 1 year on labour.

Available in 2 stylish colours made of burn-proof ABS plastic, “Jet Dryer” Hand Dryers also come with a fragrance option. A Mini Jet Dryer Unit is also available – which has many of the benefits of the original model in a more compact design.

Jet Dryer Information PDF

Infant Changing Solutions

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If the public use your washrooms then this can be an important addition to your washroom facilities. Nappy Disposal Units, Change Tables & Vending Machines can be a lifesaver to a parent when they’re out and about.

Nappy Disposal Unit

Designed to be safe and space friendly, these units feature our patented Betasan Vapourising Dry Disinfectant designed to kill bacteria and eliminate odours. Large, user-friendly lids make disposal of nappies a breeze. And our fuss-free service delivers a freshly sanitised unit at a frequency suited to your business requirements.

Two sizes are available:

 Compact – 26 litre – 690mm high, 220mm wide, 330mm deep
 Large – 42 litre – 680mm high, 300mm wide, 255mm deep

Baby Change Station

Essential for public washrooms, our baby change stations are made from lightweight reinforced polyethylene for safe and comfortable use. There are a variety of models, sizes and styles to choose from, with rental and purchase options both available.

Our industrial strength Baby Change Station has been tested for weight up to 100kg, proving that Quality really does matter when choosing the appropriate change station for your premises.

Nappy Vending Machine

A perfect washroom companion for your baby-changing areas. Parents will love the fact that nappies are available in an emergency. Our easy-to-use models are tamper resistant and stock only well-known and trusted brands. You can choose from a wide range of options to suit your particular needs.

Sharps & Medical Range

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If your organisation deals with sharps, clinical & medical waste, safety is paramount.

Medical Wastes Units

If your company works in the relevant field, we offer you a fully-managed, cost-effective medical waste service. EPA recognised, our durable units are designed to the highest Australian Standards. The fold-over lid locking mechanism (available in the 50L model) is especially suitable for doctors surgeries, nursing homes, schools, medical centres, first-aid offices or anywhere that medical waste needs to be disposed of safely and economically.

Two units are available:

 Small – 22 litre, 660mm high, 180mm wide, 320mm deep
 Large – 50 litre, 730mm high, 430mm wide, 460mm deep

Sharps Disposal

Protect your staff and guests. Our bright yellow disposal units comply with all OH&S requirements. They’re quick and easy to use – ideal for medical centres, hospitals, shopping centres, hotels and public areas. There is a range of different sizes and types to choose from.

Washroom Vending Machine

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Provide a valuable service to your customers on demand 24/7.

Keep your clients happy, the easy way. A Vending Machine is a simple, cost-effective way to offer a wide selection of products at the touch of a button. We will help to keep it stocked, presentable and functioning, with a range of brand-name items that include:

 Sanitary products
 Perfume & aftershave
 Hosiery & socks
 Other customised products

There are a variety of sizes and styles of machines available, which are all tamper proof, wall mounted and fully maintained and serviced by EHS.

WC Hygiene Solutions

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Nothing is more essential than Urinal Hygiene.

So here’s a Toilet Seat Sanitiser.

Staff, customers and guests can be confident when they visit the WC – this safe and easy to use solution contains a powerful alcohol cleaning liquid with a perfumed scent. Simply wipe down the surfaces you want to come into contact with. Highly effective against all bacteria commonly found on and around the toilet seat area, plus it’s totally biodegradable.

Neat and compact, the unit is 250mm high, 120mm wide and 80mm deep.

WC Sanitisers

These fully automatic units help eliminate odours at the source, deep within the pipework. This unique solution will help clean, sanitise and deodorise the pipe work and toilet bowl with every flush.

Safe for use in septic tanks, the sanitiser solution is biodegradable and ecologically safe. Your Essential Hygiene Services team will service and maintain this product for you at a frequency which depends on traffic usage.

Both Internal and External Units are available.

WC De-Scale

For high intensity deep cleaning, this service will ensure that the entire toilet is thoroughly cleaned – under the rim, the seat and the floor area, even the waste pipes and pipework – and will leave the cubicle area hygienic, clean and fresh.

This service will ultimately reduce odours by breaking down the hidden bacteria, which is the source of most odour problems. There’s no better way to improve the freshness and hygiene of your general washroom area than a total de-scale of your WC’s.

Urinal Hygiene Solutions

Nothing is more essential than Urinal Hygiene.

Urinal Sanitisers

Add to your current cleaning practices to ensure your men’s Urinals are odour-free forever.

Reduce nasty odours and keep urinal areas clean and fresh-scented with our Urinal Sanitisers. Our unique solution eliminates the need to use toxic chemicals to keep drains free flowing and unclogged. Suitable for both ceramic and stainless steel urinals with the option of Budget or Premium dispensers.

Comes in both an Internal and External Unit – the external unit is 240mm high, 120mm wide and 75mm deep.

Urinal “Wave” Deodoriser

Provide “24 Hour” odour control in your men’s urinal area with an extremely cost-effective, quick and easy solution. The ingenious “Wave” Deodoriser will have you throwing out your old-fashioned urinal cakes immediately.

Not only does this product provide 10 times more fragrance than the usual vinyl screens, it releases optimised bacteria to keep your urinal fresh and odour-free.

Watch it work in real time. You will see the Wave shrink over time as its properties are dispersed with each flush.

There are so many benefits of this deodoriser, some of which are as follows:

 3 Great Fragrances
 30-day gradual fragrance release
 Flexible design conforms to urinal to trap any debris
 Safe to use on any urinal type, ie Stainless Steel, Ceramic, Waterless & Watersaving urinal systems

Call our team now for a FREE “Wave” Deodoriser sample.

Urinal De-Scale Service

The EHS Urinal De-scale service will eliminate strong odours caused by the build up of uric acid.  Over time this acid hardens and eventually blocks the pipework and grates of the urinal.  This treatment will remove build-up and generally sanitise the primary plumbing system and the total surface area of the urinals, including the steps, traps, grates, drains, walls and floors.

This treatment is suitable for both ceramic and stainless steel urinals and is safe for septic tank users.  A de-scale treatment is also available for waterless and water-saving urinal systems.

EHS provides YOUR TOTAL SOLUTION to Waterless Urinals

The growing demand for “green” solutions in terms of washroom hygiene has swiftly swept through Australia in recent times. This has led to the rapid uptake of the Waterless/Watersaving Urinal systems.

EHS has found that even though the general concept is simple – the ongoing maintenance and expertise is the most CRUCIAL part of a healthy and hygienic waterless urinal.

Once the installation of this washroom product is completed (EHS can also help with the installation of such a system) – many are faced with severe malodour and blockage issues!

Our specialist experience will help to ensure your investment is maintained and providing you with the cost savings that you initially were impressed with in the first instance.

We stock a wide range of quality Biological Products, which are the ONLY types of products/chemicals required for the cleaning and maintenance of your waterless/watersaving urinals.

Together with our tailored Service Plan, which is co-ordinated by our specialist technicians, we will work together with your cleaners to educate them on the correct cleaning processes of such a urinal system.

We will provide the following services:

 Regular scheduled maintenance services which includes the replacement of biological cartridges and urinal de-scales
 On-site troubleshooting to overcome problems associated with any malodours
 On-site training for cleaning staff and personnel
 Information Sheets outlining the daily cleaning requirements
 Information signs which are placed above the urinals to educate users on the “GREEN” Waterless Urinal System

Please contact our office TODAY for some peace of mind in knowing that your urinal system will function the way it was meant to… too easy!

Washroom Deep Clean

Does your washroom need a “facelift”… without all the expense?

If your washroom areas are looking and smelling dirty or dull, we’re here to help. We can provide a thorough Deep Clean service, which covers every corner and item in the washroom area.

Our highly-trained Technicians will scrub and polish the dirt and dust build-up from the tiles, doors, walls, floors, basins, mirrors, dryers and, most importantly, the toilets and urinals.

No items or area will be left untreated – all of which leaves you with a sweet smelling hygienic washroom. This service is most popular for high traffic areas and can be completed once, twice or four times per annum to ensure the utmost levels of hygiene are maintained in your washroom areas.

Enquire today about getting your washroom super clean and hygienic without a huge price tag

Washroom Consumables

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A wide product range that covers your washroom and general hygiene needs.

Essential Hygiene Services can offer you a range of products and supplies that extend well beyond the basic washroom consumables.

Whatever product your organisation needs, we’ll supply it.

Basic products include:

 Tissues/Toilet Paper
 Paper Towel Supplies & Various Dispensers
 Cleaning Chemicals
 Dishwashing Liquid & Detergents
 Bin Liners & Garbage Bags

Find out how EHS can reduce your paper usage by 30-50%