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Biozone Air Care


Bringing the future of “Green” Air Purification into the present.

EHS is excited to announce the introduction of our new range of air purification products – BIOZONE Air Care

BIOZONE reduces and removes Bacteria, Viruses, Odours, Mould, Fumes, Fungi and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) in the air through a PATENTED process of producing and utilising Negative Ions, Deep UV light, Ozone and Photo Plasma.  This process continually attacks all of the above and reaches all surfaces and air space where stationed, resulting in a bacteria controlled washroom which is virtually odour FREE.

The need for masking odours is over – no Air Freshener units will be required!

Successful trials have been carried out in the washrooms of all sizes including:- Hospitals, Vet Surgeries, Small & Large Office Spaces, Gymnasiums, Waiting Rooms, Airports, Smoking Areas, Individual Toilet Areas and even our own fleet of HYGIENE VANS.

BIOZONE (over a 2 week period) is effective in :

Killing Viruses 99.99998%
 Killing Bacteria 68% reduction in yeast and mould
 Killing Odours 100% improvement in air quality and odour elimination

All odours have been replaced with a fresh smelling and HYGIENIC environment – absolutely chemical FREE.

Mini Powerzone

This unit is a PORTABLE version of the abovementioned Biozone system, an absolutely perfect choice for use in hotel rooms, vehicles, odour control in fire or flood damaged properties and basically ANYWHERE where odours are an issue from time to time.

This clever unit comes with a Timer and status lights which confirm power, lamp operation, communication and lamp replacement but most importantly it uses very little power – ie only 50 WATTS, less than some light globes!!

These units will provide a healthier environment for both the public, staff and cleaners.

Our trials have proved:

 Improvement in Air Quality  100%
 Improvement in Odour 100%
 Improvement of Feeling of Purity Greater than 79%
 Improvement of Feeling of Freshness Greater than 93%

There is an application for BIOZONE tailored to your requirements – call now for FURTHER INFORMATION AND A FREE DEMONSTRATION.

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