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Bio Range

Go Green with our cutting-edge products & solutions.

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We now offer a range of environmentally friendly cleaning products. Free of caustic chemicals, our ‘Bio’ Range contains “good” bacteria which are able to digest molecules of organic matter such as uric salts or waste in drains and pipes as well as odours and stains, converting them into water. This means that the problem is broken down naturally at the source, and not simply covered up cosmetically.

Our Bio range includes:

 Bio Washroom Cleaners & Citrus Clean Concentrates
 Bio Dose – Grease Trap & Sewerage Treatment
 Bio Odour Control & Deodoriser
 Bio Clear – Automated Pipe & Drain Cleaning Solutions
 Bio Emergency Spill Kit & Powders
 Water Saving Urinary Technology
 Urinal Maintenance Program & Treatments

Our range of products and services – supported by our friendly staff – are now making it easier than ever for your business to ‘Go Green’. Call us today and find out just how simple – and cost effective – this ‘BIO’ Solution really is.